Here are a few of the reasons why “sanctuary” status hurts citizens and legal residents.

The rule of law. Like it or not, it is a crime to enter our country without being checked at a port of entry.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform calculated that total national expenditures for illegal immigration are nearly $135 billion dollars, minus a total tax contribution by illegal aliens of $19 billion, for a net fiscal cost to taxpayers of $115 billion, per year. The cost to the state of California is over $23 billion dollars per year, or $6,500 per illegal alien. Assuredly, it would cost Humboldt County financially.

A Social Security number is required to pay income tax, so an illegal alien is not paying those taxes, or either commits fraud to obtain a false number or identity theft to steal someone else’s number. Illegals often work for below minimum wage, which drives down wages, which also means fewer job opportunities for the people competing for those jobs. If there is currently not enough money for proper education, how can hundreds or thousands of additional students be added and still expect to increase the quality? It is unjust to those who follow the rules to immigrate legally. People who enter the country unchecked potentially carry any number of communicable diseases. Individual criminals, street gangs, drug cartel members or terrorists could also enter. Kate Steinle’s fate proves that there are other unintended consequences to “sanctuary status”.

Vote no on Measure K.

Craig Greenlee, Eureka

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