Oscar Wilde once said an optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole. This sums up the debate between the candidates for the Harbor District. In the past decade, we’ve seen great progress around Humboldt Bay — new facilities, cleanup of toxic waste from the abandoned pulp mill, new and expanding businesses, more shipping and stabilized District finances. I applaud Richard Marks and the District’s hard work and tough decisions that helped spur progress.

It’s election time and Marks’ opponent is unrelenting in her criticism, diversion, and unrealistic promises. She maligns the actions taken to protect our bay from the threat of a toxic catastrophe and belittles the investments made to benefit the public. She holds out the promise of some outside “savior” to bring us a fantasy railroad. Of course, this savior needs our local citizens to invest millions of their hard-earned dollars for their multi-billion-dollar scheme.

I support actions over words, real progress over false promises. That’s why I’m supporting Richard Marks. Richard brings together diverse interests from the private sector, government, and environmentalists to solve our issues. It’s why we saw organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, economic development agencies, private businesses, and environmental organizations come together to modernize zoning policies to encourage cleanup and business development on the Samoa Peninsula. Now, over 200 people are supported by businesses located there.

Real progress, real results. It’s why such a diverse group of leaders are supporting Richard’s reelection. Let’s continue the progress. Vote for Richard Marks.

Peter LaVallee, Eureka

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