I am writing to urge my fellow residents in Ward 1 to vote for Hailey Lamb, the only Democrat in that City Council race. At a time when it is a commonplace to call upon young people to become involved with public life, 20-year-old Hailey Lamb is doing just that. She has recognized that the True Ward system means that if a candidate goes directly to the voters, she doesn’t need to raise a lot of money. In fact, Ms. Lamb is not accepting any contributions to her campaign. Rather, she is asking anyone who might want to donate to her to make a contribution to CASA of Humboldt or the Raven Project. Her stint as a county code enforcement officer drove home to her just how much needs to be done to adequately respond to those among us in the greatest need. It was her deep compassion that went a long way to winning her the overwhelming endorsement by the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee.

Hailey Lamb is a worker. She has gotten out and met her constituents. She has attended City Council meetings for the last year. She knows that if there were easy solutions to the challenges facing us they would already have been made. She bring fresh eyes focused on the future. Hailey Lamb represents the future of Eureka and the Democratic Party. She deserves our votes. I hope you will join me on Election Day in voting for Hailey Lamb for City Council.

Bob Service, Eureka

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