Citizens of Arcata, please join the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Veterans For Peace Chapter 56 and this Nov. 6 vote no on Measure M. Measure M would make it next to impossible to remove the statue from Arcata Plaza. Why’s this matter? The present can never be truly separated from the past. Present conditions are the result of past causes. The land on which the statue of McKinley’s now standing was stolen from the Weott people. Furthermore, there’s the history of the attempted genocide of the Weotts by the people who settled Arcata. This history’s too often hidden, unaddressed and often unacknowledged.

The statue of McKinley’s a deeply offensive symbol to the Weott people. It represents the theft of their land, the massacre of their people and the attempted destruction of their culture. Recognizing this reality recently the Arcata City Council voted 4-1 to have the statue removed from the Plaza. However, some wishing to thwart the intention of the council which represents all the people of Arcata has placed Measure M before the voters. To be clear a yes vote on proposition M is a vote to retain the statue. A no vote allows the statue to be removed to a less prominent place. Please let the Weott people know you acknowledge their existence and a century and half of suffering and the Humboldt Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Chapter 56 of Veterans For Peace and me, Jon Reisdorf, and vote no on Measure M in November.

Jon Reisdorf, Arcata

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