Public safety, environmental health, and economic sustainability are important. Americans expect our elected officials to take strong action to protect our communities from harm and ensure a brighter future. That’s why I’m voting for Richard Marks.

Humboldt Bay was facing an ecological catastrophe. Millions of gallons of toxic pulp mill waste were stored on its shores in failing tanks, abandoned by a multinational corporation that had cut and run. Something had to be done, and Marks ensured it was. One of the best things the Harbor District has ever done is cleaning up the Samoa pulp mill. The district should be commended for bringing in many millions of dollars to conduct this massive environmental remediation project — not criticized because the EPA couldn’t track down a defunct foreign company for repayment.

Now Marks’ challenger Marian Brady is complaining about this in order to advance her questionable east-west train scheme. She said that the District should have waited to deal with this public health threat or, even more ridiculously, asked the Chinese-owned company to clean up its mess. This is particularly ironic because one of Brady’s high-profile supporters — Rex Bohn — was the company’s vice-president of operations.

But the reality is that the past is past. Let’s quit bickering and instead keep momentum going for restoring Humboldt Bay and our harbor. Richard Marks understands how the health of the Bay and a sustainable economy are interconnected, and he has a positive track record in improving both. He deserves our vote!

Stephanie Tidwell, Eureka

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