A vote for Michelle is a smart vote for much-needed change. Michelle has already devoted much of her time and efforts in making so many positive impacts on the city that she has shown so much love for. She has donated so much of her time working with the Boys & Girls Club, gathering food and clothing for the homeless and going on several cleanups throughout the city to name a few.

What impresses me the most about Michelle is the consistency in her message, celebrating diversity and compassion for as long as I have known her. She has shown nothing but true leadership in all her actions and has shown she has what it takes to be an effective and fair mayor.

She recognizes the importance with Eureka being an official Coast Guard City and has celebrated that with her hard work and support in the renaming of the F Street Plaza to Coast Guard Plaza as well as dedicated a utility box to honor their service to the community. So vote Michelle for mayor Nov. 6.

Thank You for your time in reading my letter.

Tim Huff, Eureka

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