On Nov. 6, area voters will once again when entering the voting booth be faced with bond measures and possible new taxes.Northern Humboldt Union High School District will have a $24 million general obligation bond on the ballot. The cost will average $3 a month for 30 years. An oversight committee will be formed, along with yearly audits. When is the last time an oversight report or yearly audit’s been issued on past bond measures or new taxes? By the time bonds are paid off, the improvements funded by bond monies are either broken or outdated.

Measure Z should have been a permanent tax. Passage of Measure O may be difficult since area voters find it difficult to afford the ones at present. Hopefully the lack of all oversight reports or yearly audits won’t be a problem with Measure O.

In addition to Measure O, McKinleyville Community Services District is proposing a rate increase for both sewer and water. Arcata Fire District is considering a new tax to increase district personnel.

I received my tax bill today and bonds and taxes make up 15 percent.

We’re lucky; we can use the money from the large tax cut we “all” received from the Trump administration to pay for the new bond measures and proposed taxes and increased utility rates.

No one can tell you how to vote, but look at your tax bill and see if that helps you make up your mind.

No matter what, be sure to vote.

Scott R. Baker, McKinleyville

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