Supporting Susan Seaman for Eureka mayor was an easy decision. Susan seems to be the perfect candidate for Eureka mayor because of her long work history in economic development and her community service. Eureka has been experiencing changes caused by forces from within and from national trends. I know Susan understands these issues and is ready to help Eureka move in a positive direction.

Our city needs a mayor who has worked to encourage local business and understands what helps the local economy grow. Many of the issues Eureka faces come down to opportunities and possibilities, or lack thereof and I know Susan can help plan for a future that provides more of both in Eureka. Susan’s optimism and creativity will make sure Eureka is great place to live and raise a family where the local economy creates opportunities in a way we can all be proud to call home.

Please join me in voting for Susan Seaman to be the next Eureka mayor. I am confident Susan will do an outstanding job as our next mayor, bringing the same passion and compassion she has shown in all of her endeavors.

Chris Byfield, Eureka

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