I am Brian Payton. I am running for Eureka City School Board Trustee Area 5. I want to bring four important changes to Eureka City School Board: transparency, integrity, progress, and support. I believe we need all four to be a successful school district. Currently, there is lack of support from the board, both incumbents and administration. According to ECS Teacher Ursula Ferguson’s letter to the editor dated Oct. 13, she states “I can tell you that we have been asking our board and administration for support for both our students and our teachers for years — but with no success.” Does this sound like support is happening? No!

As a parent whose own child received no support in special education from ECS for over two years, I lived it. Many parents have lived it. I advocate against bullying. I strongly support parents choosing the school they want their child to attend. I will have my own voice and not blindly follow the administration. I will be more than just a devoted advocate for students. I will advocate for everyone, teachers, staff, students, parents, and community stakeholders. I will know children, families, teachers, and staff by name. I will set the bar high.

What’s more important than our children, one may ask? Nothing, I say. Giving support to the entire school community, general education, special education, teachers, and staff is my priority.

Move this district forward and vote Brian Payton for Eureka City School Board Trustee Area 5, Nov. 6.

Brian Payton, Eureka

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