Reasons to elect Heidi Messner as mayor of Eureka:

Heidi is a compassionate leader: Her love for people has been seen through international relief work, starting local efforts to rescue women from human trafficking, as a counselor, and as an active participant in countless projects aimed to improve the lives of others.

Heidi is an experienced leader: Whether pastoring a church of over 1,000 people, organizing large events, teaching in corporations or non-profits, or training other leaders, leadership is at the heart of what she has always done. She studies leadership and builds effective teams. Her experience on City Council has prepared her for this position. She knows the city staff, the challenges we face, and the stakeholders of our city.

Heidi is a collaborative leader: Heidi believes that together we can continue to help our community progress. We must set aside our excuses and differences while working toward common goals. She is a great listener and considers perspectives of others.

Heidi is non-partisan: Partisan politics divide and have no place in the city hall. This position is about our community, not about divisive political positioning.

Heidi and I have been married for 28 years. She has great integrity and deep values.

She works hard and loves people.

Let’s make Eureka an even greater place to live, to work, and to play.

Let’s find out future together.

Vote Heidi Messner for mayor.

Matt Messner, Eureka

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