California is an environmental leader across the entire globe in protecting our remarkable natural resources and open spaces. Hundreds of Californian environmental groups like Sanctuary Forest work every day to ensure that our watersheds, mountains, and coastlines are protected and improved, and there are ways you can help us with our work. Proposition 3 on this November’s ballot provides unprecedented funding to our state and local conservation agencies to protect mountain and coastal watersheds, restore endangered fish and bird populations throughout the state, and better restore our fire-ravaged landscapes.

The North Coast has some of the most remarkable natural lands in the entire state, and Proposition 3 will ensure our local conservation agencies have the ability to continue their important work. In addition, supporting Proposition 3 will push agencies to invest in sustainable water supply options, as Proposition 3 funds things like wastewater recycling, groundwater management and recharge, and stormwater management, and does not fund new dams or the controversial Delta Tunnels. Please join the National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, and over 100 environmental groups including Sanctuary Forest in voting yes on Proposition 3 on Nov. 6. Let’s continue the environmental legacy that California is known for and protect our invaluable watersheds and ecosystems. To learn more, visit

Anna Rogers, Whitethorn; Education, Development and Administrative director, Sanctuary Forest

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