The current sales tax Measure Z, which funds Public Safety and Essential Services, is proposed to be replaces by the new Tax, Measure O. There is no question, in my mind, that many good projects have been funded by Measure Z.

The taxpayers have provided millions and millions of dollars and dozens of sheriff deputies to the sheriff’s office through Measure Z. Now is the time for the sheriff to make a public statement promising that, if Measure O passes, all persons arrested and transported to the jail will be, upon release from custody, transported back to their place of arrest or residence and will not just be released into the lobby of the jail and forced to find their own way home.

The taxpayers have provided sufficient staffing to make this a mandatory commitment by the sheriff. If this commitment is not forthcoming I will have to evaluate my decision to vote in favor of Measure O.

Charles F. Goodwin Jr., Eureka

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