Over the past 25 years, Sacramento has taken $386 million in revenue from Humboldt County, hurting our public safety, ambulance, roads, services for victims and witnesses of child abuse, among many other essential services that maintain our quality life — enough is enough! We must renew Measure O funding to maintain our local control over local needs. Specifically, I write today about the funding for the local fire service.

Our county is protected by over 40 fire agencies, most of them being rural volunteer departments. Be it volunteer or career departments our agencies are plagued with limited funding. The fire service has received $5.9 million from this sales tax and our community’s fire services have benefited by receiving personal protective gear, fire trucks, hose, buildings to house equipment, and paid our dispatch fees. Renewing Measure O will continue to support your local firefighters and maintain resources that better — and more safely— protect county residents.

Measure O is on our local ballot to maintain this critical funding that cannot be taken by the state. Measure O simply extends — without raising taxes — existing voter-approved funding for critical public safety services that maintain our safety and quality of life. As the president of the Humboldt County Fire Chiefs’ Association, I urge all readers to vote yes on Measure O — keep Humboldt County safe.

Justin McDonald, HCFCA president

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