If you’re on the fence about who to vote for Eureka Mayor this year, consider Susan Seaman. I met her at a conference two years ago where she was presenting on small business loan programs; something she promotes in her position with the Arcata Economic Development Corporation. I met her a second time at Friday Night Market where she was tabling and I was instantly impressed by her humble and warm personality and by her excitement and passion for this city. She wasn’t trying to win my vote, she wanted to hear my thoughts on what is most important to me about living and working here. I truly believe you are what you think, and agree with her that we must change our dialogue. If we complain and express only negative opinions and thoughts on the current state of things here, that is what we will continue to see. If we highlight our strengths and emphasize the wonderful community that we truly are, we can work together towards solving some of the problems we are currently facing. I think in serving as mayor, Susan would be able to inspire and affect positive change across the spectrum, including boosting our economy, preserving the gorgeous environment we all share and in working towards greater public safety for all. She is someone you would love to bump into at the grocery store or a social gathering because she’s interesting, dynamic and engaging. Her smile is infectious and she gives me hope for Eureka.

Shannon Townsend-Bettis, Eureka

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