We have before us a choice between two highly qualified candidates for the Humboldt Bay Harbor District’s Division 4 Commissioner. My pick is Marian Brady.

The district is responsible and accountable for our bay. The best opportunity to improve our local economy is the harbor portion of the bay. It is underutilized, and we can use it better to provide jobs.

The “bottom line” for my choice of Marian is her vision for the harbor’s future … very clear, simple, and — of most importance to me — centered on what our adopted plans have mandated since 1965.

Both candidates recognize the priority for water-related recreation throughout the bay, and aquaculture outside the deep-water harbor portion. Both agree with national and international shipping facilities on the Samoa Peninsula, and supportive shipping activities on the Fields Landing industrial waterfront.

But the hook for me is that Marian talks about harbor priorities beyond shipping and recreation and conservation. I especially like that she is a strong advocate for a protected, working Marina on Woodley Island dedicated to moorage and support of our commercial fishing fleet. And, I like that she wants to advance the city’s goal for a historic and dynamic district in Eureka for commercial and recreational waterfront uses, including cruise ship facilities.

With her experience as a City Council member, and her working knowledge of the city’s goals and plans, I feel Marian would be the better choice to represent Division 4 on the harbor district’s commission.

Larry Henderson, Bayside

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