I’ve had the good fortune to call Humboldt Bay my home for the majority of my life. While in elementary school I fished the old Lazio dock for perch and jack smelt to sell. I worked at a store called Bazar near the Ryan Slough and then in the timber industry in Samoa.

My wife and I’ve lived near the shores of Humboldt Bay for nearly 40 years. I’ve a unique perspective and a close connection with the bay, both as a working person and a place for recreation.

In 2009, I was elected to the harbor district. My campaign promise was for bring jobs and environmental stewardship. I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished much in those two key areas.

In 2013 the district took control of the Samoa Pulp Mill site that was a looming environmental threat, particularly our thriving oyster businesses and fisheries. The EPA and the Coast Guard helped the district remove millions of gallons of toxic materials to be re-purposed. The resulting redevelopment reaped many millions of dollars in investments and over 100 living wage jobs for our community.

To address blight on the rest of the peninsula, the district worked with local agencies, Chamber of Commerce and environmental stakeholders to modernize local zoning. This is creating additional reuse of abandoned industrial lands, many more jobs and continued environmental cleanup.

With shipping up and offshore wind energy and environmental restoration projects on the horizon, I believe our future is bright. I’d appreciate your vote.

Richard Marks, Samoa

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