This election, your political values matter for Eureka City Council, Ward 1. If you live from the bay to Buhne Street, Broadway to C Street, with a finger along Fairfield, then you can vote your political party values.

If you’re a registered Republican, then please vote for Anthony Mantova (even though he’s registered as No Party Preference, we all know better). If you’re with the Green Party, then please vote for Leslie Castellano. If you’re with the American Independent Party (the party of George Wallace), then please vote for Caroline Brooks. However if you’re a registered Democrat or Decline to State, then please vote for Hailey Lamb as she’s the only Democrat running for Eureka City Council Ward 1 as your political values matter.

Hailey Lamb is endorsed by the Humboldt County Democrats. She’s self-funding her campaign so she won’t be beholden to any special interests or unions demanding her vote. While Hailey may be young, she’s wise beyond her years as she was a Rotary Club exchange student who lived abroad for a year and has visited 10 countries. Hailey is the daughter of Humboldt County Sheriff Charlie Lamb.

I first met Hailey when she came to the Democratic Central Committee to ask for their endorsement. She said, “I’m a progressive Democrat who believes in law and order.” That got my attention and I’ve been volunteering in her campaign. So if you’re a Democrat, then please vote your party values and vote for Hailey Lamb.

Matthew Owen, Eureka

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