Having worked with Leslie Castellano for over 15 years I can assure you that she is the best candidate for Eureka City Council in these troubled times. Leslie has a track record of bringing people together to solve problems and address difficult issues with respect for all involved. If you live in Eureka’s Ward 1, you have a chance to add a councilmember who will stand up for the west side of town and all of its citizens.

While the other candidates in this election have good qualities and would do their best at the job, Leslie will bring a level of tenacity and strength not found elsewhere. Her untiring effort to improve her community cannot be overstated. While some attempt to tear down the image of Eureka, Leslie will look directly into the challenges we face as a community and provide unwavering courage to seeking out true solutions rather than quick fixes.

Having worked in government on the federal level and a municipal level for over a decade I can unequivocally put my support behind Leslie Castellano. She will get the job done by supporting the city staff and the city community to do the work of bringing Eureka into the bright new future that awaits.

Solomon Everta, Cutten

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