Open letter to my community: Nov. 6 is fast approaching and if I might take a minute of your time to speak to you with regards to a much needed candidate who is running for mayor of Eureka; her name is Michelle Costantine. Michelle is a woman of integrity, she sees a problem and finds a solution. She helped to form “Take Back Eureka” 15 months ago, started local cleanups and participates in other cleanups as well. Boys & Girls Club was in much need of repair; again she saw a problem and was able to get volunteers and donations to help make over the club. Michelle is a wife, mother and businesswoman. She wants better for Eureka than what is happening now. The other candidates, who are running in the mayoral race, are not for change. This can be evidenced by just looking around you. So much has been static for so long that it seems that it will never change. So if you want a better Eureka and are willing to make a change, then vote for Michelle and be a part of the much needed change.

Rick Hani, Eureka

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