The following is a press release from the Yurok Tribe:



The Yurok Election Board today took formal action on the Primary Election held October 10, 2018 and issued formal certification of the primary results for all Districts.

The Election Board on October 16, 2018, certified the election of the following people:

CHAIRPERSON Lavina Brooks 106 (10.14%) James E. Dunlap 251 (24.02%) Joseph L. James 532 (50.91%) Emery W. Mattz, III. 156 (14.93%)

VICE-CHAIRPERSON Laura A. Borden 138 (13.06%) Jewel Frank 51 (4.82%) David L. Gensaw, Sr. (Incumbent) 213 (20.15%) Susan Masten 250 (23.65%) Jack Mattz 58 (5.49%) Frankie Joe Myers 250 (23.65%) Ryan Ray 97 (9.18%)

ORICK DISTRICT Wendy Lee Kull 5 (20.83%) Sherri Provolt 11 (45.83%) Laura White Woods 8 (33.33%)

Constitutional Amendments: Referendum #1 Blood Degree Amendment Did Not Pass YES 503 (49.27%) NO 518 (50.73%)

Referendum #2 Relinquishment Criteria Amendment Did Not Pass YES 647 (63.49%) NO 372 (36.51%)

Referendum #3 Election Background Check Requirements and Qualifications Passed YES 841 (82.29%) NO 181 (17.71%)

Referendum #4 Selling Land Outside of Yurok Ancestral Territory & Leasing Land to Tribal Members & Tribal Entities for a Period Longer Than 20 Years Did Not Pass YES 424 (42.74%) NO 568 (57.26%)

Referendum #5 Medical Marijuana

YES 607 (59.34%) NO 416 (40.66%)

There was one challenge for the Council position of Chairperson for the Primary Election that was resolved by the Election Board. There will be a Run-off for Vice-Chairperson and Orick District Representative. The Vice-Chairperson will be between Susan Masten and Frankie Joe Myers. The Orick District will be between Sherri Provolt and Laura White Woods. The Run-off Election is on November 7, 2018.

The following candidates will be in the Run-Off for Tribal Council Seats.

VICE-CHAIRPERSON Susan Masten Frankie Joe Myers

ORICK DISTRICT Sherri Provolt Laura White Woods

Run-Off Election Day is scheduled for November 7, 2018.

For more information regarding the election, call the Election Department at (707) 482-1350 or the tribal website:

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