The Eureka Teacher’s Association is happy to endorse Mario Fernandez for ECS Board Trustee, Area 3.

The teachers interviewed four prospective school board candidates and confidently chose Mario as the candidate that we feel can help lead ECS in a positive, growing direction.

Mr. Fernandez has studied many of the current issues that Eureka City Schools is dealing with and was thoughtful and creative in the solutions he offered to help our schools move forward.

Mr. Fernandez’ background is in working with people, solving problems, and creating win-win solutions to difficult situations.Because Mario grew up caring for a brother with special needs, his interests led him to spend time in the public school system as an aide to children who needed behavioral services. He understands that these children, in order to access the education that is presented to them and in order to become productive members of society, need a solid support system.

Mr. Fernandez also understands that teachers need the supports necessary to provide an excellent educational experience to all their students.

Eureka City Schools is facing new and difficult challenges that require a fresh and positive perspective. Mario Fernandez is the candidate that we believe can offer the creative solutions necessary to help guide us through these times.

Please vote for Mario Fernandez, Eureka City School Board Trustee, Area 3.

David Demant, Fortuna; music teacher, ECS; president, ETA

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