Please join me in voting for Caroline Brooks for Eureka City Council Ward 1.

It is impossible to imagine a person more sympathetic to the plight of the disadvantaged persons here in Eureka than Caroline Brooks.

At the same time, the thing that distinguishes Caroline Brooks from the other candidates is that she has a realistic, practical plan to reduce homelessness and crime in Eureka.

She proposes to use the Eureka City Council’s ability to set zoning, and issue use permits, to relocate assistance providers to other areas, which will reduce the impact of less-fortunate people on local businesses, and working-taxpaying citizens generally.

Caroline Brooks argues that since business activity, especially those involved in the tourist trade, are critical to the well-being, and prosperity, of the City of Eureka, serious action is needed to care for those businesses.

After all, that is where the money comes from to provide city services, and to keep the city financially secure.

Caroline Brooks has also expressed her conviction that Eureka’s remaining fishing and timber industries should be carefully conserved, and intelligently managed, not just for business profits, but for sustainable long-term jobs.

If you want to see fewer criminal homeless in Eureka, here’s your chance. Let’s not blow it by electing someone other than Caroline Brooks to the Eureka City Council Ward 1.

John Moore, Eureka

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