I’m writing this letter to the editor to offer my full-throated support for Dennis Mayo’s re-election campaign. In the decade he’s spent serving as a member of the MCSD Board of Directors, Dennis has proved himself an exemplary advocate for his community.

When Dennis reached out to me with concern regarding diversion to the Mad River Watershed from illegal cannabis operations, I was inspired by his concern for the environment and for the wellbeing of the District’s citizens. Dennis is eager to work with people across ideological lines, focusing on important issues and results rather than political squabbles. He is a true son of Humboldt who understands and represents the needs and desires of his fellow community members.

When it comes specifically to cannabis, we all know that local operators are experiencing increasing financial pressure due to licensing fees and the general cost of compliance. We need elected officials who want to collaborate with us to build a sustainable and profitable cannabis industry that can provide solid jobs for Humboldt’s workforce and thrive in the competitive state-wide markets of today and tomorrow. Dennis’s collaborative approach is exactly what we need to navigate these murky but potentially rewarding waters.

For those who have the opportunity to vote for Dennis Mayo this election season, this should be a no-brainer. He’s the man for the job.

Cody Stross, Arcata; owner and CEO of Northern Emeralds

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