Coming from an everyday perspective, being up close and personal with ups and downs, seeing someone at their best and worst, it’s a privilege to say Heidi is one of those souls that is special. Her genuine spirit is to want to help people and see them reach their full potential; to help provide tools (give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him to fish, feed him for a lifetime) and bring to the table understanding of each unique ability they possess, alongside others, and accomplish great things together.Some may say being a pastor of a local church is a detriment, but I see it as an edge. Working with people from every walk of life, status, ethnicity, and challenge is not only a benefit but is one of the best platforms to get the experience necessary to lead. It provides the real life application of directing people of diverse groups through issues such as: addiction, marriage or divorce, raising families, homelessness, joblessness, loss and grief, tragedy and natural disasters.Perfection is often unobtainable. But to even get close, we need someone like Heidi, as mayor of Eureka, who can unify people and focus on solutions together. This is what Heidi does best.

Elaine Watkins, Eureka

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