David Cain (orange), Taylor Humphrey (purple) and Jaydyn Dalton (yellow) sprint along the Hikshari Trail in Eureka during Wednesday’s cross country race for elementary school and junior high school aged children in Humboldt County, put on by Six Rivers Running Club and Humboldt CrossFit. (Contributed/Russell Gaskell)

The kids, over 300 of them, returned for another day of cross country commotion, this time on Tuesday afternoon at the Hikshari Trail in Eureka. The Kindergarten through second graders ran a one-mile circuit, the third though fifth graders ran a 1.8 mile track and the sixth through eighth graders put their toughness to the test for a grueling two-mile venture around the Hikshari Trail on what was a breezy but sunny Fall day.

Justin Noga, a second grader out of Pacific Union, was the fastest boy in the K-2 division with a one-mile time of 8:27. The fastest girl, second grader Annabelle Chisholm out of Coastal Grove, finished with a time of 9:42.

Jaydyn Dalton, a fifth grader hailing from Cuddeback, was the quickest girl from the 3-5 division with a time of 13:15. The fastest boy, fifth grader Tyson Evanow from Grant, completed his 1.8 miles in 10:46.

Pacific Union’s Branden Bento-Jackson stole the show in the big boys (6-8) division with a two-mile time of 10:51. Jacoby Creek’s Ai-Lan McGoldrick, for the second straight week, won the 6-8 girls division. The eighth grader finished with a time of 11:31.

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