Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Kaleb Cockrum approved a prosecution motion to raise the bail on Ariel Arguelles-Sosa, who was arrested in late August during a Humboldt County Drug Task Force investigation.

Deputy District Attorney Trent Timm filed several motions regarding Arguelles-Sosa, 40, one to raise bail, one to amend the complaint due to the amount of drugs confiscated and one motion to investigate the source of the money used to bail Arguelles-Sosa out of jail following his arrest.


Timm argued that the amount of cocaine confiscated, 2.9 pounds, was sufficient to raise the bail amount to $100,000 and Cockrum agreed. Originally, Arguelles-Sosa had been booked with bail set at $50,000 and he had successfully bailed himself out.

The local bail schedule calls for bail on any weight above one pound or more of cocaine be set at $100,000 and if it’s more than three pounds, the bail schedule calls for a bail of $500,000.

“The 2.9 pounds of coke and the money were found in the defendant’s bedroom,” Timm argued, adding, “the 4.3 ounces of meth packaged for sale were found at his feet during a traffic stop.”

That traffic stop is what kicked off the search warrants that led to a search of Aerguelles-Sosa’s vehicle, residence and business and resulted in the confiscation of cocaine, meth, heroin, a firearm and cash.

Timm argued Arguelles-Sosa does pose a threat to the community and that he should be kept in custody.

“Our No. 1 concern is public safety and he’s a danger to the community,” Timm said. “Mr. Arguelles-Sosa is a non-user and seller of controlled substances. Every day he’s on the street, he’s a danger to the community.”

At one point, it appeared Cockrum was going to order Arguelles-Sosa be remanded into custody something defense attorney Russel Clanton strongly opposed, arguing his client has appeared at every mandated court date and that he will do so in the future.

“Remanding Mr. Argueless-Sosa is unnecessary, to deprive him of his liberty is unnecessary,” Clanton argued. “He’ll be here in the morning. To deny him his liberties for what amounts to procedural niceties is wrong.”

Clanton also said he took “exception to some of the hyperbole coming from the DA, he’s here, he’s working with counsel and Mr. Arguelles-Sosa is prepared to go forward.” Clanton said, noting  Arguelles-Sosa pleaded not guilty to all the charges in the amended complaint and denied any special allegations.

Cockrum then called for a recess of an hour and in that time Arguelles-Sosa was able to make arrangement to have the bail paid and he was allowed to leave the courtroom free from custody.

Timm then argued that the source of the bail money should be investigated because he suspects the money came from drug proceeds.

“The declaration states there was $65,000 in cash, ounces of cocaine, meth and heroin, there certainly is probable cause to believe that money came from drug dealing,” Timm argued.

Cockrum agreed to that motion as well, but made no immediate ruling, instead he scheduled a hearing for 9:15 a.m. Tuesday.

“There is a strong suspicion he works in narcotics and admits to using that money in legitimate business and that leads to probable cause it could be used for bail,” Cockrum ruled.

Clanton argued that the declaration from the DA was thin and did not provide sufficient probable cause for a hearing into the source of the bail money saying he needed more than this idea “that there is something fishy about the source of the money given to the bail bondsman.”

Timm has lined up witnesses from law enforcement to appear at the hearing that will investigate where the money used for bail originated.


A second defendant, 20-year-old Abdiel Parras-Sosa, was arrested in the same traffic stop as Arguelles-Sosa and he was released on his own recognizance, a point Clanton repeatedly used to point out the disparity in one man, facing the same charges as another, allowed to walk free with no bail.

Parras-Sosa, represented by defense attorney David Celli, pleaded not guilty to all the charges in the amended complaint and denied all special allegations.

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