As we grow older we form ideas based on life’s experiences. As a white man the only racist experience I ever had was “white educated men need not apply” during the Affirmative Action years of the 1970s. I was there and turned down frequently in lieu of women and minorities. Now retired from my own career, I have a friend, my neighbor across the street, a U.S. Marine officer, ’Nam vet, retired. We had a conversation about Social Security. I admire this man, may disagree.

This may be the crux of argument: “Is it that government takes care of you or does one provide for oneself?”

His answer: “Were it not for Social Security would you have any income?”

My answer: “More beyond belief if I held the reins for my welfare.”

“Do you think others would do the same?”


Wes Vanderhorst, PLS (ret.), Humboldt Hill

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