If I were a senator at the confirmation hearing I would first ask Brett Kavanaugh to define “integrity.” I would hope that he would respond with: “It is honesty, fairness and giving of high moral standards.” Second, I would state that we are two months away from what many believe to be one the most critical elections of our time, more important than most previous presidential elections. Republicans refused to hear Merrick Garland, saying the election, 11 months away, was too close. Do you, Mr. Kavanaugh, think that is fair? Next I would state that Sen. Lindsey Graham said many of the Supreme Court Justice nominees were approved by an 80 percent or 90-plus percent vote and now it has become a political battle. But Republicans changed the rules from a “two-thirds” majority vote to a simple majority. So previously a 59 yea vote could not get someone appointed but today just 51 votes can do it. Do you, Mr. Kavanaugh, think this is fair and honest? If not, by participating in this confirmation hearing about you, are you not demonstrating to the American people that you are OK with being complicit in the unfair practices of the Republican Party and thereby proving you are a man lacking integrity? And isn’t integrity at the very heart of what it means to be a Supreme Court justice?

Larry DePuy, Eureka

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