In a recent article (“Sanctuary county costs outlined in report,” Times-Standard, Sept. 5, Page A1), Sheriff Bill Honsal and others expressed concerns over the cost of Measure K passing in November ( Measure K will establish Humboldt County as a sanctuary county in the sanctuary state of California. What does this mean other than costs? It means your neighbors, your friends, community members and co-workers can relax a little bit and live their productive lives — lives that ameliorate yours—will not have their expulsion be assisted by local law enforcement. This is a win-win situation. Our officers rely on citizens and other community members feeling free to contact them if they see something questionable or dangerous without fear of personal reprisal. Mr. Honsal knows this. Priceless: community safety.

Full disclosure: I have published the stories of our neighbors “sin papeles” on KHSU. I have been deeply moved by their contributions, aspirations and the personal stories of those who heard the siren call of the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and I mourn the loss of longstanding contributing members of our community that have been removed.

I’m an immigrant. Are you? If so, support Measure K.

James Floss, Freshwater

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