Dr. Seafha Ramos is a research associate and lecturer at Humboldt State University (HSU — Constributed)

The Redwood Region Audubon Society will present a free presentation titled “Traditional Ecological Knowledge Research in Wildlife Conservation” by Dr. Seafha Ramos, research associate and lecturer at Humboldt State University Wildlife Department.

Long before European scientists set foot in North America, indigenous people had been gathering information about their environment for millennia. Only recently has the western scientific community begun to acknowledge the value and legitimacy of this Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

Ramos will discuss her work meshing TEK and wildlife conservation, and explore how wildlife biologists can develop culturally sensitive approaches to their research.

Ramos is Yurok tribal member and Karuk, and is also a participant in the Yurok Tribe’s Kee Laa-yo-lue-mehl Teacher Candidate program, which is intended to continue the revitalization of the Yurok language as a component of TEK.

The program starts at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Six Rivers Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Road, Arcata. Bring a mug to enjoy shade-grown coffee, and come fragrance-free.

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