After a warmer weekend, the weather in Humboldt County will cool to temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees through the next week, the National Weather Service confirmed.

Some cooler temperatures are expected inland as the coastal winds from the pacific northwest flow east. But there’s almost no chance of rain, said Alex Dodd, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Eureka.

“I won’t say there will be a complete lack of coastal clouds,” Dodd said. “That would be a bold call. But mostly it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any rain.”

While the weather will drop to the 60-70 range, areas near the coastline will see some sun. Up near the Oregon border, locals can prepare for some passing sprinkle showers near the end of the week.

Air quality evens out

Fires in southwestern Oregon had threatened the air quality in the north coast for weeks. But official air quality indexes released Saturday confirm the smoke has left nearly all areas of Humboldt County.

The air in coastal areas is clear of smoke, while the lower Klamath River sites, including Orleans and the Hoopa Valley, will also clear as the weekend wraps, the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District announced.

“The smoke from Kerlin Fire in Hyampon/Trinity County had been traveling into the drainage areas north of the fire in Humboldt County towards Willow Creek, but the major smoke impacts are expected to go east in the next few days,” the agency stated in a release.

Up and down the coastline, areas will experience good air quality with a smattering of moderate AQI levels. In Orleans, Hoopa, Gasquet and Garberville (including most of Southern Humboldt), the air will hover between good and moderate levels.

Over in Willow Creek, smoke will remain in the air during the early mornings, but locals can expect moderate air quality by afternoon and evening time.

When an air quality index is listed as “moderate,” it means “sensitive individuals” should consider curbing the time they spend exerting themselves outdoors. At a “good” AQI, there’s no reason for anyone to avoid outside time.

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