The California State Water Resources Control Board is set to hold a public workshop Friday in Eureka to provide information on new cannabis cultivation and water diversion rules that it adopted in October.

The rules seek to reduce the impacts of waste pollution and water diversions.

“We are establishing the environmental protection rules of the road needed to deal with the expected expansion of cannabis cultivation statewide,” State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus said in a statement following the Oct. 17 rule adoption. “Today’s action creates a strict set of rules cannabis cultivators will need to follow in order to protect water quality and quantity. We will work closely with other state agencies to make sure cultivators are aware of these rules and are following them.”

Under the rules, cannabis farmers will need to obtain a “cannabis general order” that sets water quality standards for the farms operations. Farmers’ water rights will also be regulated through a cannabis small irrigation use registration.

Friday’s workshop at the Adorni Center will provide an overview of the new rules and requirements and how farmers can apply for permits and water rights registrations online.

The workshop is the fifth of seven planned workshops that are taking place this month throughout the state.

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