The Eel River Recovery Project would like to express thanks for support of our Harmony in Humboldt campaign that was co-sponsored by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild and KHUM Radio. All of us want to see the cannabis culture become truly sustainable by adopting organic agricultural methods, preventing erosion and water pollution, and conserving water. Thanks also to Estelle Fennell and the Humboldt County Supervisors for passing a Sept. 12 resolution supporting the campaign.

The legalization legislation sponsored by Sen. McGuire and Assemblyman Wood allows only pesticide free cannabis to be sold legally after Jan. 1, 2018, which should help guide the industry in the right direction. While ERRP is not pro-cannabis, we are very comfortable with HSGG as an ally because they are organizing growers that adopt sustainable, organic-equivalent methods and who are getting permitted. HSGG will help them by marketing their legal, artisanal product that will likely command a higher price than polluted, black market cannabis.

The raffle of the Polaris off road vehicle donated by HSGG raised funds for ERRP to continue our best practices education to get more farmers into harmony with nature. We would also like to recognize the businesses that sold raffle tickets to support us: Sylvandale Nursery, Redwood Garden Supply, Dazeys, Soilscape Solutions, Humboldt Depot, Beneficial Living Center, Trinity Gardens, 3Gs Hay and Grain. Sylvandale’s, Mother Earth Engineering and the Compliant Farms Education Fund also helped underwrite the campaign. Please see for more information.

Patrick Higgins, ERRP managing director

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