SANDY FERETTO- REDWOOD TIMES An office building on Sprowel Creek Road in Garberville sustained major injuries due to a hit and run vehicle collision, the second such occurrence at the same site since October.

Garberville >> On Monday, Dec. 14, a vehicle hit the office of Clover Willison Insurance on Sprowel Creek Road in Garberville, the second such incident at the same building in several months. The building is owned by Rebecca Coker.

California Highway Patrol officer Patrick Bourassa of the Garberville area CHP office said that at 9:05 in the evening a 2003 GMC driven by Christopher Nicholson, age 33, of Redway, went off the roadway and struck the building.

Officer Bourassa said that witnesses phoned the dispatch center, and officers made contact with the driver of the vehicle, who had fled the scene on Highway 101, but had broken down on the highway south of Sprowel Creek Road.

The CHP officer who made contact with Nicholson determined he was under the influence and placed him under arrest. Bourassa said the CHP would continue the investigation and forward it to the county district attorney, who will determine whether to press charges.

Witness Brian Ormond was in his chiropractic office next door when the crash occurred. He said he felt a huge shock-wave that booted him out of his chair and he heard a crumbling of glass, “a lot of breaking glass.”

Ormond said he ran out of his building and saw a truck accelerating across the bridge without lights on. Ormond said the truck stopped briefly at the foot of the entrance ramp, then took off leaving a trail of black diesel exhaust.

Ormond observed that the two-hour parking sign in front of Willison’s office was untouched. “But the southwest corner post of the building was fractured and moved three feet toward the middle of the building. The east wall was curving under the weight of the roof the east corner of the front window had a 30 degree bend in it there was glass everywhere, even past the middle yellow line of Sprowel Creek road. The front wall was buckled out and moved west so that the door was unable to be opened,” Ormond said.

Ormond said that members of Willison’s family, and employee Tammy Boughner arrived soon afterward, along with others, and secured the building. Boughner said all files were removed to a secure location. She noted that Clover Willison was out of town at the time the event occurred.

The same part of the building had been hit by a vehicle on Friday, Oct. 23.

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