The city of Sunnyvale plans to alleviate traffic around Wolfe Road by better synchronizing traffic signals, removing some on-street parking spaces and adding bike lanes.

A consultant working for the city shared that information with residents during a Dec. 10 community meeting focused on tackling traffic around the triangle formed by the intersections of El Camino Real, Wolfe Road and East Fremont Avenue, as well as the area in general.

The city is considering improving traffic signal synchronization to help cars, pedestrians and bicyclists move through the area more smoothly.

“We may also put a signal on Dartshire Way to make it a lot easier to turn from Dartshire to Wolfe,” said Adam Dankberk of Kimley-Horn and Associates, the consulting firm hired to look at the issue. “You don’t have to wait for a gap in traffic. It might increase use of Dartshire and help with congestion.

Attendees indicated their support for a plan to remove parking on both sides of Wolfe Road and add 6-foot-wide bike lanes.

The consultants also suggested adding a two-way center turn lane on Wolfe Road at El Camino Real to give drivers somewhere to wait before turning rather than block cars behind them.

“We want to reduce congestion,” Dankberk said. “We want to promote the use of alternative transportation. There are bike lanes, but they aren’t the most desirable bike lanes.”

According to the consultants, there have been 93 traffic accidents along Wolfe Road between El Camino Real and Homestead Road in the past five years, with 56 percent occurring during peak traffic periods and 79 percent at intersections.

Residents said they were concerned that the traffic problems will only get worse as more development occurs. They referenced the opening of the new Apple campus, possible housing developments at Butcher’s Corner and the mixed-use project proposed to replace Vallco Shopping Mall.

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