Wild and Scenic Film Festival coming to Redway

For friends and neighbors looking for a enjoyable family summer activity The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is coming to town! This is America’s largest film festival, with over 150 locations participating and will be at the Mateel Community Center in Redway on July 11, from 5 to 9 p.m. You are sure to appreciate this global collection of award-winning environmental adventure films. While enjoying a fun evening we hope to further inspire the connection we all share with our planet’s health and our role as stewards for the next generations.

Activities at the festival include films, speakers, food, drinks, auction and raffle of many items including two beautiful mountain bikes.

Bring the family and come share in the fun! Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors and students. Seating is limited so be sure to get your tickets early — available at, Allsport, Wildberries and Redway Liquor.

The Mattole Restoration Council and Lost Coast Interpretive Association are proud sponsors of the festival and all proceeds go to support their important programs including conservation of the Mattole River watershed ecosystems, educational programs such as the Lost Coast Environmental Education Resource program where Natural Science lessons are taught in the local schools, and the Summer Adventure Camp where kids have fun while learning about the environment.

Paul Turner, Redway, Lost Coast Interpretative Association

Friends of Whitethorn School express gratitude

Friends of Whitethorn School would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our wonderful sponsors, participants and volunteers who made this seventh annual 5K, 10K and Family Fun Run a successful benefit for our school.

We had many wonderful local sponsors this year who made our benefit successful and we encourage our community to continue their support of our local businesses. Friends of Whitethorn School would like to send a special thank you out to Randall Sand and Gravel, Southern Humboldt Fitness, J Catering, Edwards Excavation and Restoration, Hohstadt’s Garden Center, Whitethorn Construction and Eric Adams Construction. All these businesses provide our community with wonderful services as do our sponsors, Cecil’s New Orleans Bistro, Shelter Cove General Store, Signature Coffee Co., Body Concepts, Cafe Dolce, Chautauqua Natural Foods, Redway Feed and Garden Supply, The Cove Restaurant, and Sylvandales Gardens.

Thank you for support of our local Whitethorn School and strengthening student’s knowledge through extra curricular programs.

We would also like to thank Ray Bevatori for his music, and Delila Seebauer for her wonderful Zumba warm-up. Thank you to Sonya and John Stafslien and community members Asha and Bruce for their donation and support. We couldn’t have succeeded in this event without the help of our local Shelter Cove Fire and Rescue and Whitethorn Fire Protection District. Thank you for your volunteer time in helping make this a safe event. Thank you to Marty Messenger for his energy and help with the run course along with all our hard working volunteer parents, grandparents, and teacher Jennifer Kubik. Your time and energy put into our schools is greatly valued.

We enjoyed and appreciate all the participants who came to the Run and look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank you everyone for your support towards education!

Karman Willner, Ettersburg

H.C.S.O. patrol checks very much appreciated

The Stonery would like to thank the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office for their dedication to making our community a safer and more pleasant place to live. We were excited to see patrol checks start happening again.

I know myself, family and employees feel safer and can rest easy knowing you’re here late at night protecting our community.

If you have received a patrol check slip on your business door please take the time to thank a deputy and encourage more patrol checks as they tend to happen late at night when we are all at home sleeping.

I know I can speak for myself and other businesses when I say, “Thank you very much H.S.C.O. for all your hard work!”

Thanks again.

The Stonery – Andre, Julie and Braeden Steinle and Sharon and Megan, Garberville

Hospice thanks community

The board of Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice would like to thank the greater Southern Humboldt community for making the 2015 Spring Gala a great success, both artistically and financially. The generosity and joy of the people who attended made the months of preparations worth every minute. If you have never been to one of these affairs, it will be obvious by the long list of volunteers and sponsors what a production this event is. First we want to acknowledge the planning committee for what they accomplished. Each of them worked above and beyond their job description doing whatever needed doing. A huge thank-you to Julie Peacock (organizer, graphic artist and sponsor recruiter), Erin Keller (chef extraordinaire), Rae Shiraishi (site transformation, design and implementation), Mary Neufeld (entertainment, volunteers, sponsors, idea woman), Heather Kornberg (hats, rentals, sponsors and long distance driver) and Ruth Gouly (recruited and organized volunteers, site set up). Also, a big shout out to their husbands and partners for their support, especially during the last hectic weeks.

Deep gratitude to our generous sponsors and donors: Hunter Mott of Viva Los Sanchos, Mateo Tittman, Daniel Tittman and Noah Battles of Greenwired, Rebecca Coker, Roger Thornton of WHT Wealth Management, Community Credit Union, Wendy & Heather Kornberg of Mae Fashion Design, Briceland Vineyard, Whitethorn Winery, EK Brulee, Julie Peacock Design, Briceland Fire Dept., Just Rent It, and Scrap of Humboldt.

Entertainment by Tara Miller and the M-Notes put us in the mood for the night. Trey Hoffman, DJ, played some great dance songs from the 50’s. Thank-you so much for all your talent and energy.

The volunteers, who served, tended bar, cooked, prepped, washed dishes, set-up, cleaned-up, etc. were the support necessary to make this event the amazing evening that it was. With so many volunteers, please understand if we missed anyone. With great respect and appreciation to: Ann Constentina, Allyson and Steve Mitchell, Amber Griffith, Andrew Dylan, Anne Sachs, Brian Groves, Bronwyn Hassall, Brook Gouley, Cale Lehman, Carl Hanson, Casey Dove, Chip and Sarah Tittman, Chris Hand, Cindy Taylor, Coco Spencer, Corinna and Aaron Black, Cyrus Allen, Devon Small, Dr. Yang’s boys Frank and Havier, Eli Kahan, Eric Hoshield, Eva Carpenter, Florian Hass, Harley Charron, Holly Carter, Hunter Mott, Jack Monschke, James Wilde, Jamie Sachs, Jesse Hill, Jill Peacock, Jim Shiraishi, Joey Hopper, Jorian Eddy, Josh Monschke, Julie Hill, Julie Marquez-Sykes, Katy Stern, Kelly and Gina Paine, Kristina Suarez, Lauren Everett, Lee Quinn, Lianna Tegris, Manu Dove, Marcy Wilke, Mark and Tammy Chapman, Melanie Quiggle, Michelle DeDora, Molly Hickey-Sinoway, Nicky Rose, Pat Trees, Ralph Emerson, Randi Perkins, Steve Gouley, Susan Shaw, Susie Mattila, Tara Meyers, Taras Belej, Taun Moody, Taylor Thornton, Tesa Hernandez, Tom Keller, Toni Ross, Trey Hoffman, Tristan Spencer, Val Monschke, Vanessa Mills, and Zulie Blair. And our wonderful dedicated nurses, Jill Girad and Suzanne Shill, worked all week and still came to help set up and work during the event. What a great team!

We cannot thank these volunteers enough. None of this would be possible without them. Please know how much you are appreciated.

We would also like to give a big hand to all the “second generation” community members who have been some of the prime movers for this event. As our community loses vital members, it heals us and mends our hearts to know that these young people are contributing their love and talents, making our web even stronger.

The Board of Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice, Sandy Tilles, Brian Harper, Julia Anderson, Joe Whitney, Heather Kornberg, Mary Neufeld, Sita Formosa

Thank you for healthiest business award

I would like to express a huge, heartfelt thank you to the Garberville Redway Area Chamber of Commerce for honoring my business, Southern Humboldt Fitness, with the Healthiest Business of the Year Award.

There is so much more I wanted to say when I accepted this award, so I decided to put it on paper.

It is such an honor and privilege to have been chosen for this award. I have worked so hard over the last few years to turn this business around, to create a happy, healthy, inviting and clean space for my members and the community to work out in. To be recognized for this means more than I can say.

Once again a huge thank you to the Chamber, to its board members and staff for choosing So Hum Fit as the healthiest business of the year.

I would also like to thank my hard working, devoted staff, the instructors who take time out of their busy lives to teach classes, all the local businesses who are involved in our business packages, and most of all the community for their continued support. I feel you are all my Southern Humboldt Fitness family and none of this could have been possible without each and everyone of you.

On behalf of Southern Humboldt Fitness, my employees and staff, my husband and myself, thank you!

Spring Cogswell, Ettersburg

TX Lettershead TX Letters head TX Lettershead

This year’s 39th annual Summer Arts and Music Festival was a resounding success. Attendance, entertainment, great vibes, and fund raising for both the Community Center and community nonprofits were at an all-time high. It’s always so fun and heart warming to see so many friends, families and visitors enjoying the magic of Summer Arts.

In the couple months leading up to the event, even though we had three new key employees on the job, all three hit the ground running and things went smoothly with their help. Thank you to our new festival coordinator manager, Nancy George; our new volunteer coordinator, Tanya Malley; and our new vendor coordinator, Sage Lyon.

A big thank you as well to all of our coordinators. A good coordinator is to festival operations what a good coach is to a baseball team. Priceless! Follow that up with a tireless group of volunteers who give their all, and you’ve got a thing of beauty for all to enjoy.

Of course an arts and music festival wouldn’t be so without the wonderful artists and musicians. We thanked our paid headliners with our applause, dancing but what about all the entertainers who perform for free, or for very little, just to be part of the excitement and to make people smile. Many of the great talents of Humboldt and Mendocino are of that caliber. Hand crafters and vendors from all over California and beyond are carefully juried for this handcraft-only festival and prepare for months to showcase their unique products.

Thank you to the Southern Humboldt Unified Schools for their shuttle service every year. Because of limited parking, the shuttle service is a godsend.

Thank you to our Benbow neighbors Chris Anderson, Jan and Charles Benbow, Josh Sanders, John Porter and The Historic Benbow Inn and RV Resort and Golf Course, not to mention the entire Benbow community for sharing their normally quiet neighborhood with us during the festival weekend.

As the person who handles the advertising and sponsorships for our Community Center, I can vouch for the fact that we have some of the very best sponsors around. They give generously and believe in the mission of our nonprofit community center to bring arts education and exposure, as well as humanitarian programs to our rural communities. This year proceeds from our festivals go to support Recycled Youth; Food Preservation classes; Missoula Children’s Theatre program, The Spring Arts Collective, Mateel Aikido, Random People Theatre Project, South Fork Drama Program; Youth Alive!, and the Community Lunch Program, as well as the many worthy causes Mateel is able to help fund that increase the quality of life for thousands all throughout the year. So in addition to the many advertisers, too many to name, thank you to our sponsors, Cutting Edge Solutions; Wonderland Nursery; Tahoe Wellness Cooperative; Lagunitas Brewing Company; Dazey’s Supply; Royal Gold Fertilizers; Humboldt County Smoking Caterpillar; North Coast Mercantile; Wildberries Marketplace; KMUD Radio; KHUM Radio; Circus Nature; Sol Solutions; and California State Parks.

Lastly, on behalf of the Mateel Community Center, a heartfelt thank you to the people who make this festival the happy, magical event that it is, everyone who came, our community.

Cathy Miller, Garberville

Mateel Community Center

Please respect Redway Beach

Summer has arrived early with temperatures lingering around 100 degrees, everyone is heading to the river to take a swim and cool off. It’s a great time of year and we are lucky to have this beautiful resource to enjoy. It’s just too bad that some people have to spoil it for the rest of us.

Redway Beach off Beach Rd. in Redway has been a gathering place for summer fun for longer than most of us can remember and we share some great memories of this lovely place.

I bet there are a few things about this beautiful beach that most of you don’t know. First of all did you know that the beach is actually not a state or county park and falls under the California River Law in regards to beach ownership? The abutting properties own to the river bank. The land positioned under the water is owned by the state of California. The trail from Beach Rd. down to the river bank is considered public access to the river, but the land on either side is private land.

Having said this, use of the beach for family outings is a privilege granted to you by the local landowners. Please respect this privilege by using some common sense while enjoying the beach.

Leave no trace, pack out your own trash, this is not a publicly maintained area.

There are no public rest rooms, go before you come. While visiting the beach if you must go, bury your waste including toilet paper, at least seven inches deep, and 200 feet from any water source.

For the disposal of dog waste, the local residents have provided dog waste bags.

The receptacle for dog waste is not for trash, take your trash home for disposal.

If you dog does not respond to voice command keep it on a leash.

Do not leave your dog or children in your car while visiting the beach, even in the shade.

There is no camping allowed on the beach.

There are no fires allowed without a permit.

There are no fireworks allowed on the beach.

This is a residential area, no loud music, please.

The beach closes at 9 p.m.

There is a county ordinance against parking on Beach Rd. after 9 p.m.

If we all observe these rules of common courtesy, we will all have a better experience at the beach, and build many more wonderful memories here together.

Barbara Turner, Redway

Soccer tourney successful thanks to supporters

Bear Hugs of gratitude go out to all who made the 24th annual Emily’s Cup 6V6 soccer tournament a success again for the South Fork High School soccer program. We had 16 teams in the tourney this year, our largest in ages, and perhaps the most profitable ever.

The roughly 40 South Fork students who participate in the sport in the fall will be well equipped thanks to the 6V6 which is one of the oldest continually running sporting events on the north coast.

Our excellent food concession was headed up by Becky Crossland who provided a healthy, fresh and delicious menu for players and fans. She had lots of help staffing the snack shack from Maurie Hobbs, Laura and Johnny Casali, Heather Salomon, Melanie and Brian Anderson, Marisa Capra, Sandra Jimenez, Tiffany Charbonneau, Sally Vandenack, Dawna Blair, Shelby Messenger and Kay Krantz.

Coaches and friends of the program donated their time refereeing 25 games in the scorching heat. Thank yous go out to Ronan Collver, Levi Paine, Kelly Paine, Isaac Jessen, Caitlin Jessen, and Justin Gyenis.

Maurie Hobbs organized and sold our beautiful souvenir T-shirts, which were designed by South Fork alumnus and former player Galen Latsko.

Laura Casali handled the busy registration table all morning. Jerry Latsko did his usual impeccable scorekeeping job.

Our faithful long-time sponsors and a couple of new ones this year provide the backbone of our fund raising effort year after year: Lotus Mountain, Dazey’s Building Center, Barbecue to You, Anderson Trucking, Sparrowhawk Construction, Arco-Iris Woodworking, Greenwired, Treats, Redwoods River Resort, Chautauqua Natural Foods, Eel River Holistics, and Sylvandale Gardens.

Over 160 young athletes paid tribute to the world’s “beautiful game” last Sunday, and while the Samoa girls and the Fortuna boys took home the championship T-shirts, every participant and supporter was a winner on the day and the South Fork soccer programs will be amply funded for another year.

Ann Constantino, Garberville

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