SUBMITTED Sophia Formosa and Molly Fletcher-Lynch performing BRUSH in Arezzo, Italy in 2014.

Garberville >>> On Friday, June 12, SHC Industries in Garberville will be hosting Project Local Southern Humboldt, a free event showcasing local artists of all genres. The doors will open at 7:30 and the event will begin at 8 p.m. This will be an evening fueled by local creativity, fused with a performance meets speakeasy vibe, and fired up by local drinks.

Project Local is the weird and wacky brainchild of Sophia Formosa, Molly Fletcher Lynch, and Veronica Lichter — all professional artists of different mediums, from different parts of the country and with local hometown pride, recognizing the creativity bursting at the seams of small towns.

Southern Humboldt is the chosen location to host the first ever Project Local, thanks to the generous donation of space by SHC Industries local business owner Jubal Sherman and local nonprofit Sanctuary Forest, who Project Local is thrilled to support with funds raised from our beer and wine bar. The evening will bring together an eclectic and exciting mix of local artists, including live dance, painting, DJs, film, stand-up comedy, art exhibits, hair styling, and more. Featured in the lineup of local talent (but not limited to) are Eli Fowler of Little Kidd Lost, Berel Alexander, Galen Davis, Sophia Formosa, Shannon Bennett, Katrina Nystrom, Marisa Formosa, and Brezlyn Drake. Also included will be a few out of town guests, both to expand the creative community and share Humboldt County’s artistic flare with a wider audience.

The idea of Project Local began in 2014 while all three women were participating in an arts festival in Arezzo, Italy. Together they dreamed up Project Local, a series of evenings where everyone is encouraged to participate and share their creative input.

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