Eureka >> The College of the Redwoods Addiction Studies program will host a presentation by guest speaker Dr. Darryl Inaba on The Evolving Science of Addiction and Recovery: Dispelling the Myths and Stigma, on Thursday, April 2, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the CR Performing Arts Theater. This presentation will explore the evolving science of addiction and recovery to dispel the undue stigma associated with substance related and addictive disorders. The event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be available.

Despite passage of the Addictions Equity Act in 2008, great stigma exists about those vulnerable to addiction and related disorders. This stigma leads to much undue shame and guilt suffered by addicts that can then hamper their efforts to maintain sobriety. Research on addiction which led to the passage of the 2008 Act is just starting to erode some of this stigma. Brain imaging and other more recent research tools continue to discover variances in neuro-cellular, neuro-chemical, and neuro-functioning that underlie a vulnerability to develop substance-related and other addictive disorders. The brain anomalies associated with addictive disorders also help to explain why some are more likely than others to relapse after treatment for their compulsive drug use or behaviors. The rapidly expanding field of addiction medicine provides new insights on preventing, assessing and treatment of addictions and related disorders. It is also providing more evidence-based resources to better manage those struggling with these major mental health disorders.

Dr. Darryl Inaba is director of clinical and behavioral health services for the Addictions Recovery Center and director of research and education of CNS Productions in Medford, Oregon. He is an associate clinical professor at the University of California in San Francisco, special consultant, instructor, at the University of Utah School on Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies in Salt Lake City, and a Lifetime Fellow at Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc., in San Francisco. Dr. Inaba has authored several papers, award winning educational films and is co-author of Uppers, Downers, All Arounders a text on addiction and related disorders that is used in more than 400 colleges and universities. He has been honored with over 90 individual awards for his work in the areas of prevention and treatment of substance abuse problems. He is a popular speaker at workshops and conferences nationally and internationally. For more information, visit:

This event is sponsored by Humboldt State University Social Work Department and Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP). Continuing Education Units will be offered for Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor for a fee of $6. These can be purchased by clicking on “social work” from this web link:

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