Q I wrote to you about 20 years ago concerning this same question: Why is the very busy Highway 152 connector between Highway 101 and Interstate 5 still only two lanes? Granted, it is now a freeway past the Hollister turnoff with a nice bridge there, but the two-lane road is still up to there, with all of its backed-up traffic and potholes from overuse. It wouldn”t take much more money to put a couple of lanes in through the farmland and finish the job — finally.

Carl Claras

San Jose

A Carl, brace yourself. The Valley Transportation Authority is studying a plan to bypass 152 with an 8-mile, four-lane freeway that would run parallel to and south of it and be a toll road to I-5.

The potential cost: $848 million.

Under one scenario, traffic from 101 would take Highway 25 for a short stretch, then turn onto the new highway, which would link to either 152 or 156. But this is many, many years away.

Q I got a good laugh at the construction sign on westbound Highway 152 that stated: “No left turn lovers.” I didn”t realize that it meant at Lovers Lane. I just thought the construction crew was being funny. Good for a real chuckle.

Leigh Crutchfield

San Jose

A After writing about the $848 million to build a new 152, we need a good chuckle.

Q What is going on with the Dublin Grade on Interstate 580? I”ve lived in Castro Valley about 35 years and use the grade almost daily to access shopping and services not available here. But going east from Castro Valley over the grade is like rush hour. Crawling along. Every day (weekends worse) all the time. Surely there wasn”t a sudden influx of a couple of million people? It was such an overnight change, and shows no sign of lessening. Please tell me it”ll get better.

Gayle Matsumoto

Castro Valley

A Can”t promise that. Traffic statewide jump nearly 3 percent last year and, while that may not seem like a significant increase, it is a huge jump on an already-jammed freeway like 580. Will it get better? I don”t think so.

Q Local law enforcement is missing a good source of revenue by not monitoring red-light runners at two locations: Southbound Diamond Boulevard to left on Willow Pass and southbound Contra Costa Boulevard to left on Concord Avenue. Virtually impossible to be at either location without witnessing not one but many cars running red lights. Just thought you should know. Maybe you can help.

Don Wedl

Pleasant Hill

A I”m sure a remark in Roadshow will mean an end to this scourge.

Q Concerning the use of left-turn signals, I always called that the “Oakland left-turn,” when drivers wait until the light turns green to turn on their signaling device. The other is the “Oakland red-light rule,” which is if the light has turned from yellow to red and your car is within a half block of the intersection, then you are allowed to run the red light. A more recent rule that I don”t get is keeping 30 feet between you and the car in front of you while stopped at a light.

Glenn Carlton

Walnut Creek

A Oakland drivers, are you going to take this? Glenn has a point about drivers who stop 30 feet behind the car in front of them at a light. Sensors in the pavement may not detect their vehicles and can shorten the length of the light when it turns green.

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