Thank you for supporting our music program

To all the parents, teachers, staff, and music lovers, thanks so much for supporting and enjoying the Redway School grade 4-6 Music Program and our Music Extravaganza on December 19th.

The 100-plus kids put on two great performances for schoolmates, friends, and family. The students displayed the creativity, musicianship, and co-operation that the best in music requires. Bravo!

Special thanks for the financial support received and promised from the Redway PTSA, The Mateel Community Center, Jim Fulton’s Small Town Audio, Sageman Drums, Music for Little People, generous parents, and the stand-up agents of the CIA (Community Intelligence Associates).

Hal Lepoff’s and Andy Barnett’s instruction at Redway School is entirely community funded.

The Redway School students will be performing several times in the coming months, so stay tuned up, tuned in, and ready to sing.

All the best.

Andy Barnett, instructor, Redway School

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