A federal agency removed the pinto abalone from listing under the Endangered Species Act on Tuesday following a status review prompted by two petitions last year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries division.

Information in the petitions led the agency to form a status review team of experts who assessed the pinto abalone’s risk of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of the species’ range. While an overharvesting and lack of enforcement impacted the abundance and population growth of wild abalone populations, the team found that these factors did not pose a risk of extinction, with populations showing a natural regrowth along the west coast of North America, according to NOAA.

The shellfish will remain on NOAA Fisheries’ “Species of Concern” list, with an increased range from Alaska to Mexico, according to NOAA.

NOAA Fisheries’ status review report can be found online at http//

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