• SANDY FERETTO -- REDWOOD TIMES A variety of people were at the opening of MCFM First MC Processing, LLC, on Friday, Dec. 5 in the Meadows Business Park between Garberville and Redway.

  • SANDY FERETTO - REDWOOD TIMES The outside of the new cannabis processing facility in the Meadows Business Park between Garberville and Redway.



rEDWAY >> First MC Processing held a well-attended open house on Friday, Dec. 5, at the new facility in the Meadows Business Park.

Managed by the investment and management firm MCFM (Medical Cannabis Finance and Management), First MC Processing hopes to lead the way to the future of marijuana management in Humboldt County. First MC Processing business representative Karyn Wagner said the organizations intend to place marketing emphasis on the Humboldt Brand name and the values of their collective.

Wagner said that First MC Processing will provide marketing and management for cannabis cultivators who would rather not deal with those aspects of the business. Advanced technology is used in the testing, tracking, security and processing of cannabis at the facility.

Wagner explained that First MC Processing is a member-owned collective (in order to comply with California law) that will buy cannabis from growers and provide products to dispensaries or patients directly.

The new facility has equipment for testing cannabis for certain molds, and will send it out to a lab in Sacramento for other testing. First MC Processing will purchase collective members’ cannabis if it passes the required tests and is grown within the collective’s standards. In addition, First MC Processing has equipment that can turn leaves, small buds and trim into oils that the facility will then sell to manufacturers of different types of medicine, Wagner said.

Wagner pointed out that First MC Processing is not a dispensary, but a grower collective that requires an application process and a recommendation by another collective member to join. Wagner said that later on First MC Processing will have staff verify that applicants are complying with the standards required for membership, and an applicant could then join without having to be vouched for by another member of the collective.

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