East Contra Costa Letters to the Editor: Reader asks why does every crime seem to have an Antioch connection?


Always an Antioch Connection

Dear Editor:

Sunday night, Oct. 20, on the 11p.m. news we saw that there was a huge meth drug bust in Contra Costa County.

We looked at each other and said “Antioch?” Of course, it didn”t say where in Contra Costa the bust happened.

In the Oct. 21 Contra Costa Times there was an article about the drug bust and the city named was “Richmond” at the beginning of the article. But, of course, all of the millions of dollars of drugs were found in Antioch.

A couple of pages later was an article about a man who had been shot in Oakland a few weeks ago and just a few days later was shot again in Antioch. Of course, the family had moved to Antioch from Oakland. The man had many felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Why don”t we welcome with open arms all felons from Oakland and Richmond to live in Antioch? Since Antioch is the armpit of Contra Costa County surely it couldn”t make much difference.

Oops! They already are here!!

Patricia Davis


Voters were sold a bad bill of goods

Dear Editor:

I am absolutely not happy. The State Supreme Court was our last hope to kill this pork barrel project.

The voters were sold a bill of goods with underestimated costs and overly optimistic revenue/rider projections.

We voted in 2008 for a $33 billion project that is now estimated by the Rail Authority to cost $98.5 billion by completion. That is $2592 for every person in California. Does anyone remember the Bay Bridge project? HSR will suffer from the same cost overruns so the final cost could exceed $150 billion. There will be production delays and cities along the route will fight it”s incursion into their neighborhoods. The only people to benefit from this boondoggle will be the construction companies, the construction worker unions and of course, the lawyers who will litigate for both sides. If we are lucky in the end we might get an HSR route from Sacramento to Bakersfield that will need endless subsidies to keep operating. I say Sacramento because any route into the Bay Area or the LA basin will not be HSR it will be LSR, low speed rail, if the cities allow it in at all. If our spineless legislators won”t stop this there is only one way left, the initiative process. Hopefully, someone knowledgeable in the process with get an initiative started and the voters can have another chance to vote on this now that the facts are known.

Mike Stewart


Use common sense with campus woes

Dear Editor:

Student, staff and public safety trumps all other criteria when we consider the state of our schools. Antioch is not unique in its challenges, though our situation has certainly reached alarming proportions with more frequent teacher assaults, student fights spilling into the streets and defiance running rampant on some campuses. There is no easy answer, but here”s what I hope to be a common-sensical start to a problem we simply can”t ignore.

Of course, make it understood that zero tolerance means exactly that. There is no room for the violence-prone on our regular campuses. The well-being of our behaving kids and their teachers shouldn”t be sacrificed for the few. Truth is, you also do no favor to the troubled kids, as their actions show that something is plainly not working for them. They need tighter supervision, targeted interventions and positive reinforcements.

Start with the parents. Face it, we are going around in circles if we don”t get their support and involvement.

Reach out by home visits, phone calls, e-mails, evening assemblies, If Mohammed doesn”t come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed.

Then show parents we will settle for nothing less than results by implementing a two-pronged approach.

Mix serious consequence with serious rehabilitation, One without the other guarantees a revolving door. Yes, firmly meter out the law, but, being constructive, identify student offenders who are failing (which, I promise you, most of the acting-out kids will be). With parental support, put the kids in a period eight and nine tutoring and credit recovery class. Give them teachers who thrive with at- risk kids. Connect to their individual needs: counselors, social workers, psychologists or simply adult mentors.

Now our at-risk kids are no longer out on the streets after school but raising their academics and getting guidance. Have guest speakers from the community talk on life skills and the consequences of wise and unwise life decisions. If they become repeat offenders, move students away from their buddies to an all-day credit-recovery site. Offer tough love and a helping hand.

Walter Ruehlig


Czar not the word to use in our politics

Dear Editor:

We, as Americans, should object to the offensive word czar being used in conjunction with our form of government. Since when did America become a socialistic government ruled by czars?

If I remember my history right, Russia was ruled by czars who were given absolute power over the people.

Then came the twentieth century and a parliament was established.

Our Founding Fathers established a democracy at the cost of their lives. We have fought for that democracy and are still fitting for it.

Now you have the guts to integrate the word czar into our form of government — a word associated with a Russian Socialistic government. Shame on you, and those who do not object and let you do it. I am an American and proud of it, are you?

R.L. Bean


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