REDWAY >> Strength Chamber CrossFit, located at 1881 Barnett Road #4 in the Meadows Business Park in Redway, has been under the new ownership of Brittany and Anthony Hill since June 1.

The Hills explained to the Redwood Times that CrossFit is a type of workout that is constantly varied, functional movement performed at relatively high intensity.

Anthony said that everyone does the same workout except for the new participants. Anthony builds CrossFit workouts for each day and a class is held roughly every hour, he said. CrossFit does not necessarily require equipment but it can be used, Anthony explained.

Besides high intensity workouts, there is weight lifting every day at Strength Chamber CrossFit. There are weight lifting seminars on some weekends.

Brittany said the CrossFit workouts can be modified for beginners and can be hard for people who have not done it before. Once it gets easier, she said, the intensity can be stepped up and it will still be hard.

“I guess I would say it never gets really easy, you just get better,” she said. “It’s pretty fun. Things I never thought I would do, I can do now,” she added.

Anthony said CrossFit is more effective when done with a group of people because “you push yourself harder, there is the competition, and people cheering you on.”

Brittany said there used to be a lot of Whiteboards for the workouts, but now they have a big screen log-in system that shows the program for the day. Each participant can log in and see what they owe, what their dead-lift maximum was for example, or their bench press maximum, if that is part of the workout that day. “It will tell them where they need to start out,” Brittany said. The system records the information and people can get an app for their I-phones.

CrossFit is considered a sport, Anthony said. There are competitions televised on ESPN with certain standards that every competitor has to meet. The Hills explained that a CrossFitter may not necessarily out lift a weight lifter, but will generally be more fit due to the varied workout program.

“It helps people achieve their goals,” Brittany said.

The gym is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closed on weekends.

“Weekends are for family,” Brittany said. The Hills have two children, Liam, age two; and four-and-a-half year old Ahnalee. They try to keep the gym family friendly so people can bring their children if they need to.

The Hills met in Oregon, where Brittany grew up. Anthony is from Southern Humboldt.

Several Strength Chamber CrossFit membership packages are available and more information can be found by calling Anthony at 498-1642.

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