Measure Z focused on improving public safety

I am writing to urge your readers to support Measure Z, the county-wide measure focused on improving public safety and vital emergency services.

Over the years, state budget cuts have forced Humboldt County to reduce the number of deputies on patrol at any given time. In neighborhoods across the county it can take over an hour for law enforcement to arrive in an emergency. Measure Z will help us reduce 9-1-1 response times by bringing back 24-hour patrols, ensuring a more timely response to calls about violent or property crimes and keeping our residents safer.

Measure Z will help provide the necessary resources to address Humboldt County’s challenges with hard drugs and narcotics like methamphetamine, including targeting drug labs and supporting drug prevention and rehabilitation services, which are so vital to a long-term solution.

Measure Z will also benefit residents of the incorporated cities by improving staffing levels in the District Attorney’s Office, Humboldt County correctional facility, and the Probation Department. Three county funded departments that directly impact public safety within city limits.

Please urge everyone to support Measure Z this November.

Ernie Stewart, president, Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization

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