Oroville benefits from Oktoberfest tradition

It was nice to read that someone had picked up the Oktoberfest ball, so to speak. The Catholic Church had offered it to the Oroville community a couple of years before a Soroptimist member brought the activity to our Oroville club in 1988. For eight years our organization brought a band from Germany and housed 60 or more people a year in our community during their stay here, often including dignitaries from the band”s hometown. During those years we had visitors from the Bay Area, Southern California, Oregon and Nevada attend our dinner dance. We finally stopped the activity due to the age/number of Soroptimist members and the lack of other community organizations” support.

Kudos to the early hard work of Soroptimist International of Oroville and the number of Oroville folks who opened their houses and hearts to visiting band and auxiliary members from Germany. Kudos also to whomever has now organized the community into again supporting this fun activity. It is nice to see it return.

We former Soroptimist members are often asked why we stopped our celebration and if we could begin it again. Hopefully this new presentation will draw from those supporters. It would be nice to see Oroville again filled with visitors from out of town/state ready to celebrate harvest time.

Everything old is new again. Oompah!

— Nancy Lueder, Oroville

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