So, folks?check this out. There’s a true story in the Old Testament book of Judges, Chapter 6. There was a man who, along with his own people, was in a situation of serious distress. For the last 7 years he and his people had been oppressed by an enemy nation. The enemy had invaded their land, camped out on their land, ruined their crops and killed all of their livestock. God sent a prophet to the people to tell them that God was chastising them because of their disobedience. So?they repented and God seeks out a man (the man to whom I referred earlier) to be their leader.

So?take special note of this?the angel of the Lord finds this man. He’s out under a tree, hidden from view of the enemy, threshing a small amount of wheat that the enemy had not gotten. The angel of the Lord says to this man, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” The man thinks, “Yeah, right!” and begins to make excuses for not wanting to be a “mighty warrior.”

God deals with the excuses and this man becomes a “mighty warrior!” The man? Ever hear of Gideon? Yes, he was the mighty warrior. He didn’t think he was, but God knew he was. And?the Bible says that the enemy was subdued and “during Gideon’s lifetime the land enjoyed peace for 40 years.” Is there a “mighty warrior” in you? You may not think so, but God may know otherwise.

Think about it.

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