The driver of this motorhome backed into a red pickup while trying to leave after parking illegally on private property on Melville Road in Garberville last Thursday. The motorhome’s occupants said they came in late at night and pulled into the spot becoming wedged up against an embankment and a rock, seen to the far left. The accident was witnessed by more than one person and when the driver tried to leave the scene citizens told him law enforcement had been called. He was later arrested for DUI. The motorhome was uninsured and had to be towed. Only a couple of hours earlier sheriff’s deputies had received complaints from business owners about the motorhome and had stopped and asked them to leave. Another motorhome was parked in the Ray’s Food Place parking lot all day with a sign on it asking for work. Southern Humboldt has seen a huge increase in “trimmers” of all nationalities the past couple of weeks looking for work.

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