Do you get a break?

I converted from Judaism to Christianity. Most Jews have lost the messianic focus. I’ve also converted from a Jew to a Puerto Rican.

My whole life in the Bronx was in my friend’s Puerto Rican culture. I lived in their house and Boopsie lived in my house. I speak much more Spanish than Yiddish. We had a beatnik kibbutz in Belize and Honduras.

I could never learn Hebrew or French.

The reason I didn’t live on a kittutz was because I had to learn Hebrew, and be in the army.

I could not learn algebra. Trying to learn things that you feel are irrelevant is very frustrating. Having to learn algebra is torture.

Do you get a break and not have to do things against your very nature?

The two aptitude tests I took told me I have no skill in the work place. I had to drop out and discover my natural skills in music and writing. Art was not listed in the aptitude tests.

Our public schools are needing to be replaced with vouchers for private schools. In New York city schools you don’t just get bullied, you get the dickens beat out of you by gangsters. In most big cities it’s like that. I have bad damage from school, still and I an 73, psychological damage, feelings of inferiority from school plus gangs.

City schools are all run by gangs. All those innocent kids being beat up by gangs. That’s how it is.

Up here it’s not that bad.

War everywhere, climate erratic, droughts, floods, plagues, chaos, all the signs pointing to the last days and the second coming. The Bible makes it very clear that almost no would have eyes that see the messiah.

Dau Freitag, Garberville

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