On Saturday, February 22, eight students and Master Rupp from Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do traveled to Santa Rosa for the Wine Country Open Karate Tournament.

Those from Dragon Heart not only competed, but also worked all day as judges, scorekeepers and whatever else was needed to help make this event a success.

Participants included Brock Fowler- 1st weapons forms; Mason Cabral – 3rd weapons forms, 3rd weapons sparring; Jasmine Weaver- 1st forms, 1st sparring; Courtney Weaver- 1st forms, 1st weapons forms, 1st sparring, 3rd weapons sparring; Tyler Hensley – 2nd forms, 1st weapons forms, 1st weapons sparring; Shaka Sickels – 2nd forms, 2nd weapons forms, 2nd sparring; Brandon Shoults – 1st forms, 2nd sparring; and Morgan Bryant – 1st forms, 1st weapons forms, 1st sparring. Congratulations to our local representatives.

photo captions:

1. Back row from left to right are Tyler Hensley, Courtney Weaver, and Jasmine Weaver and in front left to right are Morgan Bryant, Mason Cabral, and Brandon Shoults.

2. Brock Fowler shows off his form and his medal.

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